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Scoped GlideRecord is used for database operations. The GlideRecord API is the primary means of interfacing with the database on the server-side code. A GlideRecord is an object that contains records from a single table. Use the API to instantiate a GlideRecord object and add query parameters, filters, limits, and ordering.

GlideRecord(String tableName) ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident'); // use the incident table
gr.query(); // fetch data from the database
while ( { // advance;

Dot walking 101 ❗

GlideRecord provides access to fields via “Dot-walking”, so when you query an incident you can access any field like this:

gr.short_description instead of gr.getValue(‘short_description’)

But it’s best practice to save dot-walking for reference fields, like for getting a Caller’s Company name:

or the Country of a Location of an Asset associated to an incident:

Here is a table of dot-walking best practices:

Avoid Prefer
gr.sys_id gr.getUniqueValue()
gr.short_description gr.getDisplayValue(‘short_description’) gr.getDisplayValue(‘caller_id’) gr.caller_id.manager.getDisplayValue()

getValue vs getDisplayValue ❗

For the following field types, value and display value are different.

  • Choice
  • Date & Time
  • Glide List
  • Journal
  • Password
  • Price & Currency2
  • Reference
  • Translated fields
var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.get('sys_id','ef43c6d40a0a0b5700c77f9bf387afe3');; // 5b7c200d0a640069006b3845b5d0fa7c; // Jerrod Bennett

Important Use .getDisplayValue() whenever showing a value in the UI, just in case a translation exists for that field value!

Methods ❗

Method Description
addActiveQuery() Adds a filter to return active records. Returns GlideQueryCondition.
addEncodedQuery(String query) Adds an encoded query to other queries that may have been set.
addNotNullQuery(String fieldName) Adds a filter where fieldName values are not null. Returns GlideQueryCondition.
addNullQuery(String fieldName) Adds a filter where fieldName values are null. Returns GlideQueryCondition.
addQuery(String fieldName, Object value) Adds a filter where fieldName is equal to value. Returns GlideQueryCondition.
addQuery(String fieldName, String operator, Object value) Adds a filter. See Operators Returns GlideQueryCondition.
GlideQueryCondition Further refine a query condition
addCondition(String fieldName, [optional String oper,] Object value) Adds an AND condition to the current condition.
addOrCondition(String fieldName, [optional String oper,] Object value) Adds an OR condition to the current condition.
Has Access?
canCreate() Can the user create a record in this table?
canDelete() Can the user delete from this table?
canRead() Can the user read from this table?
canWrite() Can the user write to this table?
deleteMultiple() Deletes multiple records that satisfy the query condition.
deleteRecord() Deletes the current record.
getAttribute(String fieldName) Returns the dictionary attributes for fieldName.
getDisplayValue() Returns the display value for the current record.
getDisplayValue(String fieldName) Returns the display value for fieldName.
getElement(String fieldName) Returns the GlideElement for fieldName.
getEncodedQuery() Returns the current query condition as an encoded query string.
getRecordClassName() Returns the class name for the current record.
getRowCount() Returns the number of rows in the query result.
getTableName() Returns the name of the table used to instantiate GlideRecord.
getUniqueValue() Returns the primary key of the record, which is usually the sys_id.
getValue(String fieldName) Returns the value for fieldName.
Record Operations
get(String value) Fetch a record by primary key value, typically sys_id.
get(Object fieldName, Object value) Fetch a record where fieldName equals value.
getLastErrorMessage() Retrieves the last error message.
hasNext() Returns true if there are any more records in the GlideRecord object.
initialize() Creates a GlideRecord without any default values set.
isNewRecord() Returns true if the current record has not yet been inserted into the database.
insert() Inserts a new record.
newRecord() Creates a new record and sets the default values for the fields.
next() Moves to the next record in the GlideRecord object.
query() Perform the query.
setLimit(int max) Set the maximum number of records to fetch for the query.
setValue(String fieldName, Object value) Sets the value of fieldName.
setWorkflow(Boolean b) Enables or disables the running of business rules, script engines, and audit.
update(String reason) Save the GlideRecord changes to the database. Reason is saved to the audit record.
updateMultiple() Applies setValue() to every record in the table that match the current query.
Is valid?
isActionAborted() Checks to see if the current database action is to be aborted.
isValid() Returns true if current table exists.
isValidField(String fieldName) Returns true if fieldName exists in the database.
isValidRecord() Returns true if current record exists in the database.
Order by
orderBy(String fieldName) Order by fieldName ascending.
orderByDesc(String fieldName) Order by fieldName descending.

addQuery operators, must be upper case ❗

Operator Type Desc
= Number Equals num_val
!= Number Not Equals num_val
> Number Greater than num_val
>= Number Greater than or equal to num_val
< Number Less than num_val
<= Number Less than or equal to num_val
= String Equals val
!= String Not Equals val
IN String In Set of val e.g. gr.addQuery(‘number’,’IN’,’INC00001,INC00002′)
NOT IN String Not in Set of val
STARTSWITH String Starts with val
ENDSWITH String Ends with val
CONTAINS String Contains val
DOES NOT CONTAIN String Does not contain val
INSTANCEOF String Record class is val or a subclass of val



var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.query(); // Get incidents where active=true
while( {
  // do something....

addEncodedQuery ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.query(); // Get incidents where priority = 1 or 2
while( {
  // do something....

addQuery ❗

var rec = new GlideRecord('incident');
rec.addQuery('sys_created_on', ">", "2010-01-19 04:05:00");
rec.query(); // Get incidents where active = true and created after 2010-01-19 04:05:00
while ( { = false;'Active incident ' + rec.number + ' closed');

addQuery & addOrCondition ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
var qc = gr.addNullQuery('assigned_to');
qc.addOrCondition('assigned_to', 'javascript:gs.getUserID()');
gr.query(); // Get all incidents where unassigned OR assigned to me


var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.addQuery('active','false'); // delete all inactive incidents

deleteRecord ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
if (gr.get('99ebb4156fa831005be8883e6b3ee4b9')){

canCreate, canDelete, canRead

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');;;;

getDisplayValue ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.get('sys_id','ef43c6d40a0a0b5700c77f9bf387afe3');; // INC0000050

For field ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.get('sys_id','ef43c6d40a0a0b5700c77f9bf387afe3');"caller_id")); // Jerrod Bennett

getEncodedQuery ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident'); 
gr.addQuery('active', true);
gr.addQuery('priority', 1); 
var encodedQuery = gr.getEncodedQuery();; // active=true^priority=1


var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.insert(); // insert without data in mandatory field; // Data Policy Exception: Short description is mandatory

getRecordClassName ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord("task"); 
gr.get("ef43c6d40a0a0b5700c77f9bf387afe3");; // incident

getRowCount ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.query();"Records in incident table: " + gr.getRowCount());

insert ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.newRecord(); = 'New Incident'; 
gr.description = 'Incident description'; 
gr.insert(); // Returns new record sys_id


var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
while ( {[gr.number, gr.short_description, gr.caller_id.getDisplayValue()]);

setWorkflow ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.setWorkflow(false); // when false, runs almost immediately. When true, takes about 3 seconds.
for (var i=1;i<100;i++){
    gr.short_description = 'Sample incident ' + i; 
    gr.description = 'Auto generated';

update ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.short_description='Update the short description';
gr.update(); // Updates a single record

updateMultiple ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.addQuery('active', true);
gr.setValue('state',  4);
gr.updateMultiple(); // update the state of all active incidents to 4 - "Awaiting User Info"

isValid ❗

var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');; // true
var anotherGr = new GlideRecord('wrong_table_name');; // false


var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
gr.query(); // this retrieves latest 10 incident records created

GlideAggregate ❗

Use GlideAggregate to easily run database aggregation (COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG) queries. GlideAggregate extends GlideRecord!

var ga = new GlideAggregate('incident');
ga.addAggregate('COUNT', 'state');
while( {[ga.getDisplayValue('state'), ga.getAggregate('COUNT', 'state')]);

    New, 312
    In Progress, 21
    On Hold, 6
    Closed, 28

Methods ❗

Method Description
addAggregate(String aggFn, String fieldName) Add an aggregate function to fieldName. aggFn: (COUNT, MIN, MAX, SUM)
addQuery(String fieldName, String operator, Object value) Adds a filter. See Operators
addTrend(String fieldName, String timeInterval) Add timeInterval trend for fieldName. timeInterval: (Year, Quarter, Date, Week, DayOfWeek, Hour, Value)
getAggregate(String aggFn, String fieldName) Return the value of an aggregate function for fieldName
groupBy(String fieldName) Group by fieldName.
orderByAggregate(String aggFn, String fieldName) Orders the aggregate result based on the specified aggregate function and fieldName.


SUM with groupBy

var ga = new GlideAggregate("cmdb_ci");
ga.addAggregate('SUM', "cost"); // SUM the cost of every cmdb_ci
ga.groupBy('sys_class_name'); // Group by record class name
ga.orderByAggregate('SUM', 'cost'); // Order by the aggregate function
while( {[ga.getDisplayValue('sys_class_name'), Math.floor(ga.getAggregate('SUM', 'cost'))]);

    Computer, 1511313
    Linux Server, 182230
    UNIX Server, 38399
    Mass Storage Device, 34735


var ga = new GlideAggregate('incident');
ga.addAggregate('COUNT'); // Count all incidents opened each quarter
ga.addTrend('opened_at', 'Quarter');
while( {[ga.getValue('timeref'), ga.getAggregate('COUNT')]);
    3/2018, 9
    4/2018, 2
    1/2019, 38
    2/2019, 310

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